How can big organizations make 'across-the-board' changes in their structure to enhance their commercial abilities, and also be accepted by their staffs and customers?

Organizational redesigning is a process of reshaping the structure of the organization aliening with the business strategies' to create new capabilities and compete in the global market. This helps to redesign the commercial structure of the business for better efficiency, and success. No shelf-organizational model exists, that suits every business. Neither there is a guarantee that the existing model will lead to success. Hence time and again, focusing on the current priorities of the organization, a methodical redesigning approach is followed.

Redesigning involves strategic decisions and effective strategic execution. Many companies generally attempt to make changes quite often without the consideration of how profitable it would be. This is because, such redesigning creates an impression of some substantial happening in the organization, while changes in the structure are easy to execute. But many a times, they get trapped making repeated changes in the organizational structure.

Phases of Organizational Redesigning:

  • Defining business objectives by analyzing and assessing the needs and desires of the organization.
  • Strategic grouping of decisions, and exploring characteristics that are desired or undesired for the organization.
  • Designing operational processes, and possible options.
  • Defining behaviors that are currently present in the organization, and the new ones that need to be adopted to sustain the reinforcement mechanisms.
  • Implementing new roles and responsibilities.


Re-defining the Brand experience:

Along with the plans for redesigning the organizational structure, companies might also plan to change the brand experience. Louis Philippe, which has proved to be a benchmark for providing world-class shopping experience to its customers, is now catering to brand stores. This is to match with the mind set of the consumers to shop in stand-along stores for better brand experience.

Sharp knowledge of the apparel industry about the consumer's mindset, and its bonding with them, supplemented with adequate market research ensures that their products, and business performance does not make mistakes like few others. Success of redefining an organization mainly lies in the success of its product line, which makes the changes acceptable among the employees, as well as the general public making them a clear merchandise leader.