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Generally breakdown of the machines due various reasons is most common occurrence in the all types of industries. Even then people are not known or familiar to the good maintenance practices.

Maintenance of any machine can be categorized into two types. a) Preventive maintenance b) Breakdown maintenance

The relation between both the above mentioned types is just like that of cricket match- like "Take the catches, win the matches" i.e. "Do proper preventive maintenance, and reduce idle time due to breakdown maintenance". Breakdown % of any mechanical spare part cannot be practically 0%. There are some of the reasons like, chocking or jamming of machine components, damage to bearing at running, break up of gear tooth reasons can cause the machine etc become idle due to break down. Also the standard norms have optimized maximum 0.5% stoppages for maintenance and maximum inventory stock % up to 20%.

In concern to the spinning mills, as a specific industry, higher breakdown maintenance has large share in manufacturing cost of product i.e. yarn. The author has written to this paper to make the people aware, the importance of preventive maintenance. The 25000 spindles spinning plant has considered for the write-up.

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Originally Published in Textile Review, Jan-2011

The authors are associated with Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji.