Denmarkhas been a modern market economy with world-leading firms in maritime shippingand a high dependence on foreign trade. The country was strongly hit byfinancial crisis, due to its high degree of openness to international trade andto the high level of financialisation of its economy. However, profiting fromthe resumption of trade, Denmark has experienced a more dynamic economicrecovery than its European neighbours. In spite of the financial upheaval inthe ED, Denmark's fiscal position remains amongst the strongest in the ED.Denmark made a modest recovery in 2010 in part because of increased governmentspending. In terms of GDP, Denmark is the 52nd largest economy in the world,while in terms of per capita income; it is the 31st largest economy in theworld.

DenmarksGlobal Imports & Exports

Thecountry's global imports declined heavily in 2009 by 25.4 per cent and thetotal imports were US$ 79.2 billion. India was ranked at the 20th position with0.9 per cent share amongst the import partners of Denmark. Imports from Indiahad declined by 14.2 per cent in 2009. The major supplier countries to Denmarkwere Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, China, UK, Norway, Italy, France, Belgiumand USA, constituting 73.1 per cent.

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Originally publishedin Apparel India, Feb-2011 (Vol.3 Issue 2)