Tirupur is the largest and fastest growing city in Tamil Nadu. It is the Seventh largest city in Tamil Nadu. It has grown as a 'Municipal Corporation' and is the Headquarter for the newly formed Tirupur District. It is the 32nd District of Tamil Nadu and one among the ten well industrialized and economically developed districts of Tamil Nadu. It had attracted the attention of both the policy makers and businessmen at the national and international levels, mainly because of its continuous business growth and its outstanding performance. It is popularly known as "Banian City" of the South India. The Knitwear industry which is the soul of Tirupur has created lakhs of jobs for all class of people.

District Abstract

Tirupur is the knitwear centre of India. Predominantly and export niche, the town gains its significance for its updated technology and the quality of its macro economic environment. Buyers from more than 50 countries frequently come to Tirupur. More than 80 per cent of Indias total knitwear exports originate from here. The composition of the knitwear industry in Tirupur today is broadly classified as:

Environmental Problems

Tamil Nadu textile city Tirupur, which has nearly 733 dyeing units, is ranked topmost in terms of generating hazardous waste. The bleaching and dyeing units use large quantities of water, but most of the water used by these units is discharged as effluents containing a variety of dye and chemical (acids, salts, wetting, agents, soaps, oil etc.). These units discharge nearly 90 mld of effluents on land or into the Noyyal River, leading to contamination of the ground and surface water and soil in and around Tirupur and downstream.

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The author is Research Scholar, Commerce Department, Sri Parasakthi College for Women, Courtallam