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Apparel industry, especially the fashion apparel segment proves to be very volatile in nature. Trends keep changing every now and then; and consumers preferences also keep changing in the drop of a hat. A successful retailer should adopt strategies diverse from the traditional retailers to become the major player in the market. Fast fashion is one successful strategy that allows the current mainstream customer to buy apparels of the latest styles, and also at affordable prices.

In todays fashion market, fast fashion is the key to success. POIS is a successful fast fashion brand designed by the Milan based style team. Established successfully for the past 25 years, this Italian fashion brand has made its visual identity clear and immediately recognizable.

POIS mean polka-dot. POIS collections are targeted to satisfy women of all ages, sizes, and physique. They clothing range fits perfectly with the middle - high segment of the market, along with good quality and competitive pricing. The brand serves in 90 countries through showrooms, B2B sites, agents, and distributors. POIS aspires in providing their women shoppers when, and what they want. Their excellent price/quality ratio the brand serves women; both work and casual wear.

The brand makes more than 1000 articles for every season with new items every week. It is also adaptable to cater for specific production needs; for instance in terms of size to accommodate with the needs of each country. Quality being of paramount importance, POIS uses knits that are in par with the current trend, logoed buttons, satin linings, double stitches, and trims in lace.

Thus the brand is able to successfully satisfy fashion savvy women from more than 90 countries.

Retailers Ahead of the Game Part II POIS - unleashing the feminine power Dott.ssa Federica Balestri, Business Development, POIS NOY srl in an exclusive interaction with Fibre2Fashion, shares her brands success story, strategies, and plans for the coming year.

  • POIS is a brand targeting women exclusively. How do you crack the shopping woman's mindset, and eventually make them end up shopping in POIS?

  • POIS tries to give women the same looks as the catwalks with excellent prices and top quality. Women feel pampered and on top of the trend without spending too much.
  • POISs staff is made up of 95% women- we know what other women want as we want it too!
  • POIS give women, clothing for each part of their life- at the office, leisure, sport, elegant events, clubs etc.

  • Retailers Ahead of the Game Part II POIS - unleashing the feminine power POIS serve women from more than 90 different countries. What difference do you observe in them? Do you have different strategies for different markets?

  • Tailoring of sizes (eg USA clients require larger sizes)
  • Specific colours/patterns (eg clients in SE Asia like bold colours and patterns)
  • Specific materials/weights (eg clients in Russia require knitwear up to March/April to face cold temperatures)
  • How has POIS adapted to compete and remain a vital brand for women? Are you making price point plays, competing strictly on brand, or a combination of both?

  • We try to give an excellent price/quality ratio with a Made in Italy label, guaranteeing originality and style. We dont compromise quality to compete on price. The brand is vital as our clients know POIS offers original things they cannot find elsewhere.
  • Retailers Ahead of the Game Part II POIS - unleashing the feminine power Fast fashion requires fast marketing is this true?

  • True- we have articles/editorials coming out every day on magazines so readers see in ads exactly what is currently in store.
  • The meteoric rise of fast fashion across the globe has been a major style story of this new century. What is your opinion?

  • Fast fashion is the future as it requires little investment on the part of retailers- an essential advantage in the current economic climate. It also always allows the final consumers to be on top of the trend.
  • Finally, what are your plans for 2011 and beyond?

  • Growing our franchising network
  • Finding new and competitive sourcing partners to support growth.


Success Mantra:


The success of POIS is based on the following key facts:

  • Shops in the prime locations in city centers, department stores and shopping malls, guaranteeing high customer foot flow.
  • Stock turnover speed achieves top-values.
  • POIS reach customers through its website, brochures, web-advertisement, social networking sites, sponsoring of television programs in Italy, and other promotional events.
  • The captivating image created for POIS stores entices customers and upholds the prestige of the brand.
  • The brand takes part in various fairs and events worldwide enhancing visibility brand visibility in the fast-fashion market.

POIS offer a perfect blend of fashion, quality, and affordability. Their network keeps expanding constantly. Professionalism of an established company, Italian style, speed in delivering up-to-date trends, originality, and quality in their work, all these have bestowed in creating winning products, making POIS, a brand that it is.

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Retailers Ahead of the Game Part II POIS - unleashing the feminine power