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Apparel industry, especially the fashion apparel segment proves to be very volatile in nature. Trends keep changing every now and then; and consumers preferences also keep changing in the drop of a hat. A successful retailer should adopt strategies diverse from the traditional retailers to become the major player in the market. Fast fashion is one successful strategy that allows the current mainstream customer to buy apparels of the latest styles, and also at affordable prices.

In todays fashion market, fast fashion is the key to success. POIS is a successful fast fashion brand designed by the Milan based style team. Established successfully for the past 25 years, this Italian fashion brand has made its visual identity clear and immediately recognizable.

POIS mean polka-dot. POIS collections are targeted to satisfy women of all ages, sizes, and physique. They clothing range fits perfectly with the middle - high segment of the market, along with good quality and competitive pricing. The brand serves in 90 countries through showrooms, B2B sites, agents, and distributors. POIS aspires in providing their women shoppers when, and what they want. Their excellent price/quality ratio the brand serves women; both work and casual wear.

The brand makes more than 1000 articles for every season with new items every week. It is also adaptable to cater for specific production needs; for instance in terms of size to accommodate with the needs of each country. Quality being of paramount importance, POIS uses knits that are in par with the current trend, logoed buttons, satin linings, double stitches, and trims in lace.

Thus the brand is able to successfully satisfy fashion savvy women from more than 90 countries.