Banner ads are boxed in ads and are often seen at the top of a Web page. These might be text that change in wording every few seconds, ads for a specific site or product, free offers, or a combination of eye-pleasing devices or phrases advertisers hope will tempt Web surfers to click on the ad.

Banner ads will catch your prospect's eye quickly. They are colorful and vary in dimension. This makes them something that is not often missed. To create a good ad, place it where it will be seen easily. This will definitely generate traffic to your site.

At the same time, having a banner ad on your own site will mean that you are paid for displaying it. This is good for your business.

Charging for banner ads Banner ads can be charged by impression, so each time your ad flashes up on the screen you are paid. With a rotating banner, your ad might appear every third rotation or impression. This will cost approximately $0.02 an impression.

Banner ads can be charged per "click through". Charges are only levied when someone actually clicks on the ad. If you create a truly attractive ad, people with click through.

Where to place your banner ads

The best position for banner ads are placed at the top of the most popular search engines. At the same time, go with placing your ads positioned on sites with topics similar or complementary to yours. This will reach your target market fastest. At the same time have your ad placed on the same page as any reference to your website.

Another good bet is to have your ad placed on a search engine results page when particular keywords are selected. This will also reach your target market.

Frame your banner ads

Framed banner ads are more attractive. They are more aesthetically pleasing to your prospect's eye. When your prospect opens your framed ad on another site, they are still contained within your site. You can also have the banner ad open up a new browser window when it is clicked on to. The good thing about this is that you do not lose your customers altogether. Your visitors will revert back to your own site when they close the second browser window.

Banner ads are creative, eye-catching, aesthetically appealing and affordable. They give you many opportunities to bring across your important message in record time, leaving your prospect with an on-the-spot opportunity to make a decision. Many a deal is closed thanks to banner advertising making them an ideal revenue-generating tool.

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