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Fast changes in technology as well as customers expectations make a producer keeping improving fashion products and quality in order to keep position on the market. Fashion industry need to reduce response time, eliminate errors, and improve customer satisfaction. This paper presents possibility of application FMEA method and Method 7 step in garment industry.

Keywords: quality, FMEA method, Method 7 steps, denim trousers


The textile industry is a very important branch of the Serbian economy, not only because it is consisted of a large number of companies and employees, whereas it has a large stake in the exports. Serbia exports about 78% of its clothing products to 6 European countries (Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, France and Montenegro) and imports about 73% clothing products from China, Turkey, Slovenia, Germany and India. In 2007 there were 1489 registered textile companies, mostly SMEs.

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Originally Published in New Cloth Market, April-2011

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