Clothingoffers a vast array of goods which are different in kind and quality. As wideranges of garments are available in the market and hundreds of new products areadded everyday, a consumer is totally confused in making the right selection forthe end use. Even literate consumers are facing similar problem. They also faceproblems in care of apparel and ability to understand the care labels andsymbols. Selected consumers were educated to bring awareness of selection,factors to be considered in selection, care labels and care symbols. Betterresults were obtained through the programme. Consumer awareness was created andit was felt very useful by them.

Keywords: Consumer, Readymadegarments, Labels, Selection, Symbols.


Consumersare individuals who purchase for the purpose of individual or householdconsumption. Consumer buys a product looking for certain specific qualitiesfrom that product. He must get what he desires, for which he pays. A supplierhas to provide the product to the satisfaction of the consumer. The consumermay not be aware of the quality he is supposed to get. Consumers are thelargest group; vital segments in a country but being not well organized have tosuffer due to lack of awareness and also of delay in the disposal of theircomplaints by the consumer courts. It is therefore necessary that awareness begenerated among the consumers.

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Aboutthe authors

Dr.N.Vasugi Raaja is Professor,Department of Textiles and Clothing, Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu & Dr.Kanikicherla Rani, is Senior lecturer, Dept. of HomeScience, St. Theresas Autonomous College, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh