The concern for the degrading environment conditions due to irresponsible use of chemical products have led to worldwide efforts to develop eco-friendly fibres in the ever expanding horizon of textile fibres with a vision to bring about a drastic reduction in global consumption of harmful non-biodegradable products. The highly competitive atmosphere and as the ecological parameters becoming more stringent, it becomes the prime concern of the textile industry to be conscious about ecology. More and more clothing companies are providing clothes made from eco-friendly fabrics. Demand for these clothes is increasing too. This makes sense given the environmental issues we're faced with in today's world. These eco-friendly fibres can be incorporated as whole or parts of materials and products of various forms and performance properties for wide ranging applications. This paper highlights some of the eco friendly fibres like Eco spun fibre, Soy silk fibre, Recycled polyester fibre, Corn fibre, Aloe Vera fibre, Nettle fibre, Pineapple fibre, Milk protein fibre, Bamboo fibre and Banana fibre. The worsening environment of the earth makes it a necessity to increase the pace of the ongoing research in the development of eco-friendly fibres and their utilization.

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The authors are associated with Dept. of Textile Technology, GSKSJTI, Bengaluru, Karnataka.