The author shares his views related to the economy and exports growth of China and India; further he discussed about the key take-away from China textile growth. He also talked about some successful Chinese and Indian companies and Future prospects for India.

He concluded the presentation on a note saying that there is a lot what India can learn from China. He also commented that the domestic market demand will grow rapidly in the years to come. The external and internal factors are very much favourable in Indias favour. As compared to earlier market situation the regulatory and capital environment are now more supportive for industry than before. Inspite of all the challenges, Indian Textile and Apparel industry is poised to start the best decade ever for this industry.

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This presentation was presented at World Textile Conference: Vision: Textiles 2020: Emerging New Opportunities Worldwide and Challenging Business Strategies held on May 06th & 07th 2011 at Mumbai; organized by The Textile Association, India

The presenter Mr. Ashish Dhir is attached with Technopak Advisors, Gurgaon