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Viscose is the 1st generation regenerated cellulose fiber. Special features of Viscose fiber for processor are high moisture regain of 13% (cotton - 7% and Polyester - 0.4%) and increased dye uptake. These features enable unique comfort, cooler feel, brighter colours and brilliant shades of the final processed fabric. Modal is a 2nd generation Cellulose fiber with a high wet modulus, unique soft feel and good dimensional stability. Excel is the 3rd generation viscose fiber having high dry and wet strength, good dimensional stability and clean manufacturing technology. Viscose, Modal and Excel are regenerated cellulose fibers resembling unique properties like softness, brightness, luster, smoothness, drape, etc. compared to Cotton fabrics.


Table below contains vital properties of the regenerated fibres.

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Originally Published in Textile Review, April-2011

Mr. S.K. Hada is GM & Mr. Mitesh Shah is an Engineer with Processing Department of Textile Research & Application Development Centre at Birla Cellulose.