In any business organization, the quality of leadership sets the standard employees will follow as they perform their duties. Strong, fair leadership will surely produce positive results. But managers who lead and coach with Emotional Intelligence (EI) will help create successful, productive businesses and employees.

Businesses around the world are increasingly training managers to coach employees with Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) techniques. One of the reasons CBC is so effective is because it empowers employees. Trained managers coach employees to critically examine their behaviors. Employees are led to think about their actions, positive or negative, in relation to outcomes, and then develop a plan of action for moving forward.

When employees are on the right track, a manager can guide them to recognize why they are doing well, and then coach them to take steps to progress to the next level. If an employee is struggling in an area at work, managers can guide them to identify the causal behaviors, and then coach them to select behaviors that will produce different and positive outcomes.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching produces self-sufficient workers. Self-sufficient workers have high work output and demonstrate loyalty to the company.

When Emotional Intelligence is added to the formula, the possibilities for success are compounded for companies and employees because concern for the entire well-being of the individual is expressed from the leadership. Therefore, with CBC and EI being practiced in tandem by managers, employees are guided to be competent, skilled workers and human beings.

Organizations that utilize both CBC and EI are successful because the vision for the company extends beyond the immediate bottom line and prepares for the future. Managers of these companies do more than oversee daily tasks; they are investing in continual growth and productivity by helping employees increase in maturity of mind (Emotional Intelligence) and advance in work-related skills.

Emotional Intelligence is a skill that includes heightened self-awareness in which a person is able to deeply understand and control their emotions. People with high levels of EI are self-monitors and as a result make wise decisions in their work lives and in interactions with others. Managers operating under these principles are confident, knowledgeable, and successful. When working with others they are thoughtful and reflective. This is crucial because the employees they coach will feel valued as opposed to feeling like a cog in a wheel. This type of manager has the ability to inspire a colleague to increase performance for the company and for themselves.

Consider how powerful an organization would be if all managers were trained in CBC and EI. The managers would be confident and secure individuals who successfully lead employees to increased work productivity. They would intentionally set a standard of self-awareness and reflection. As a result, employees would acquire those characteristics. Consider an organization full of self-sufficient, self-monitoring people - from top to bottom - completing projects, working successfully with colleagues, experiencing high levels of work satisfaction and decreased stress. There would be unlimited potential for success in every aspect of the business.