This project contains study of speed factor and its effect on production & efficiency of the weft knitting machine & also defective less fabric is achieved. The speed of the machine plays an important role in fabric defects. Thus, an optimum speed should be maintained for optimum production. In this project alteration of speed was made and the various process Parameter was recorded. Speed of machine was increased by 1 & 2 rpm daily & negative impact of the various parameters like fabric defects, yarn breakages & needle defects was found.


The efficiency of weft knitting machine is related to knitting parameter, yarn quality, human skill. It is assumed that poor quality of yarn appearance, improper machine parameter causes fabric faults, yarn breakages, ultimately its effect on efficiency. In project study machine type , machine Dia/gauge & (with desired machine parameter such as gauge, needle type, cam type, yarn feeding system, number of feeders, take down system, cloth rolling or spreading, monitoring and control systems, etc. according to fabric structure) were first selected. Yarn quality also selected which is having desired yarn count. Then select the process parameters such as cam setting, speed, yarn tension, sinker setting (in single jersey), delay time (in double jersey), stitch length, take down rate, condition of machine, etc. which plays vital role in deciding the quality of the fabric. Daily machine speed was changed according to machine condition& observed for the machine efficiency, yarn breakages and various fabric faults. During trial period we checked machine parameter (Yarn tension, stitch length, GSM, width of fabric), & machine setting {Q.A.P. (quality adjustment pulley), (Fabric take-up)} also taken the breakage study daily. After completed of shift we calculated the machine efficiency, production, roll doffing time loss, breakages attending time loss. We are followed the Q.C. report for analysis of fabric faults (Wt. of roll, fault type fault range, Rejection %.)

The objective of this study is to improve the machine efficiency & production by selecting optimum speed. To produce the better quality of knitted fabric by reducing the fabric faults. Machine efficiency observed low as where increased the speed, we are trying to improve the m/c efficiency & produce the defective less fabric by selecting the optimum speed.

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The authors are associated with Centre for textile functions (CTF), NMIMS MPSTME Shirpur campus, shirpur, Dist- Dhule, Maharashtra