Innovation is as important as invention. New technologies continue tosurprise us as innovations have always bemused us by proving that there aregreat and countless possibilities of using and improving certain devices tofunction various tasks. Innovation is the process of improving, enhancing, andtransforming certain things or practices to further better their performanceand functionality. The humanity's imperfection and frailty breeds the necessityfor innovation.

In addition, the longing for new and better things also increase theneed to innovate inventions. There is no boundary for innovation as there is noboundary limit for invention. Among the great benefits that innovation providesus is the fact of perfecting and improving things. The basic principle ofinnovation is that there is always a room for improvement. Thus, no matter howgreat a breakthrough that an invention has been considered, it can still beimproved as certain mechanical weaknesses and glitches or by simply finding thepossibility of integrating such functionality with another device and viceversa is made possible.

The people and society continuously confront issues and problems as aresult of certain methods of development and progress. A glaring example ofthis concern brought about by progress is the environmental degradation.Certain devices especially those electronic and those that emit carbonsignificantly contribute to the depletion of our ozone layer that intensifiesglobal warming by adding more greenhouse gases in our atmospheres. Due to thisalarming situation, certain gadgets, devices, and tools were subjected toreview and remodeling to suit the environmental standards. Since these toolsare also important to the lives of the people, prohibiting their use is certainlynot among the options. Thus, innovation is appropriately called for to addressthe problem. Innovations in automobiles, electronics, and other devices haveresulted in environmentally safe technology such as electric cars and thosethat run by natural gas, light-emitting diodes as replacement of compactfluorescent lamps, and many more that have lessened if not diminished theirchances of further harming the environment.

Given that inventions always suffer infirmities and theseimperfections cause massive impacts not only to the functionality and utilityof the thing but also as to the quality of life of all humanity, it is butconvincingly essential that everything be subjected to innovation. Asmentioned, no matter how perfect an object or thing may seem, there will alwaysbe some room for improvement to make it suit the changing needs andcircumstances of time as well as perfect it in such a way that it would notanymore pose threats to the quality of lives of the present and futuregeneration. Without innovation, it cannot be said that one has achievedsuccess. Invention is merely the gate for realizing that certain thing can bedone and many more await us once innovation takes place. Hence, if we reallywant real success, whether in business, invention, profession, or in life ingeneral, then we should be stating to improve our ways that we do things toproduce better results day by day.


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