Clothing is one among the most important three basic needs in every human being. It protects our body from various climates and gives us a good appearance for youthful world; children are given more care for the selection of their own cloths. Today children are largely exposed through various media. They themselves are the customers in their own rights. They also have their own definite opinion for the cloths they wear. The designers concentrate on simplicity, comfort and new look in design a garment. Generally kids are grouped according to their age as Infant, Toddlers and Children. In this paper we focused on the clothing of children.


The ideal baby clothing should be soft, comfortable, easy to put on and take off and comparatively loose. It should be light weight, non-irritating, allow quick transmission of sweat from skin to environment. Children garments are generally classified into many categories such as Casuals like T- shirts, knitted garments etc, Day wear made by cotton, gingham, gabardine fabrics2. Uniforms, Sports wear made by knitted garments which show good extensibility in both warp way and weft way directions. In this paper we are mainly focused on the luxurious Party wear of children. Fabrics like HBT, denim, satin etc are used in party wears. They have to be dyed with attractive colors with good fastness properties. Soft, comfortable feel of the fabric can be presented by using suitable finishing chemicals. Finished fabrics have been characterized by wetting time, wicking behaviour. Strength parameter, color fastness properties and soil release properties.

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The author is associated with IIT Delhi