In textile, natural fibres are used for various applications, namely wearable textiles, house hold textiles, and Industrial textiles, based on the advantages obtained from the particular type of fibres. Natural textiles fibres are eco friendly. Some of these fibres have higher strength and moisture regain, and can be used in different areas.

The creation of new textile fibers with specific qualities to compete with established fibers. New fiber blends have been created to combine many of these qualities into new trade mark. In the past all cloth was made from natural fibers, including plant sources such as cotton, flax and hemp and animal sources such as wool, hair and silk. In the 20th century, these were supplemental by artificial fibers such as polyester and rayon.

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The authors are associated with NIFT TEA College of Knitwear Fashion, Tirupur

Originally published in Textile Review, May 2011