Carpet industry in India is one of the oldest and the most popular industries. India has always had an ancient heritage of carpet weaving, a craft that has assorted skill and expertise from lands as diverse as Persia, China and Afghanistan. However, this artistry is no longer a trade that is still isolated in the villages or towns. Along time, this craft has evolved spreading its wings not only at the domestic front but also the international markets. This article is an interface of a complete know-how regarding the carpet industry right from its hubs to the measures taken by the government to further extend the export of carpets globally. Mughals brought the carpet weaving to India and some of the most majestic carpet in India can be seen from Mughal period. Weavers in India then learned magic of colors and weaves and more aesthetic touch was started to appear in Indian carpets.

Carpet industry in India flourished more in its northern part of the country. So, major centers of carpet industry are in Kashmir, Jaipur, Agra and Bhadohi-Mirzapur. Now, hand tufted carpets have been gaining importance in India since last few decades. Major parts of carpet that are produced in India are exported to different parts of world as local market for these is less. Moreover the channels for local marketing and selling are also less. But with the retail boom the Indian carpet industry is going to see some major changes in the carpet industry here for local market.

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The author is associated with Wool Research Association, India