The productivity increase is one of the major functions of manufacturing company because it reduces cost of manufacturing. In spite of having lot of difficulties, organizations are always putting its wholehearted effort in increasing productivity, but there are few factors all the time troubling you for achieving your goal of increasing production. Those few factors are discussed here.

1) Tradition of Higher Twist Multiplier:

The viscose is made by wood pulp and quality of viscose depends on cultivation of wood pulp under type of geographical condition of the atmosphere. As there is a wide variability in atmosphere, viscose is not left from the influence of this variation of wood pulp. The increase in neps in PV dyed yarn is due to viscose only to a great extent. With normal TM of PV yarn is not sufficient to spin yarn for premium quality high cost fabrics, the higher twist multiplier is required. The higher twist reduces the production as the twist comes in denominator in calculating production. This loss in production can be recovered by increasing spindle speed. The about 11 to 15% higher twist multipliers are required for premium quality fabric manufacturers depending on the blends, specialty fibers, single weft /double yarns and count than normally used twist multipliers of around 3 for grey yarns and other regular PV dyed yarn spinners selling yarn in domestic market.

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The author is a Senior Manager & HOD Spinning PV, Raymond limited, Textile Division, Chhindwara (M.P)