Innovation in the current scenario is not only focus on quality improvements, but also on economic way of producing a product. Air vortex yarn produced by Muratec, found to be slowly replacing conventional ring spun yarn. Now it becomes more difficult to produce Ring yarn due to scarcity of manpower, shortage of power and more supervision in many stages of process.

The aim of the project work is to produce Air Vortex yarn & in Conventional Ring spun machine of Ne32/1 PC(18.45Tex) with various blend proportions such as PC-35/65, 65/35, 50/50.Currently air vortex is supplying spindle of size suitable for PC in feed silver hank(Linear density) and air supply of 0.65 mPa. We are going to conduct trials with three different air pressure such as 0.45 mPa, 0.55 mPa & 0.65mPa.

The structural analysis is studied using SEM. Physical properties and classimat are tested by using Uster tester. With Minitab statistical significance also verified. Compared to Ring yarn Among all 3 blends 65/35 PC AIR VORTEX yarn is comparable and with 0.45 mPa pressure is optimum and it has no hairs & long thin faults.

Key words: Air pressure, Air vortex, Blend proportions, Hairiness, in feed sliver, & Spindle.

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The author of this article is associated with Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.