Today's shoppers have high expectations regarding the mobile experiences they get from their retailers. With the increasing number of smart phone and tablet users, what is the future of technology embedded retailing? How are retailers going to utilize it to their advantage?

Customers have more than one touch points or channels to express their buying decisions. A 2011consumer-retailer research by Demandware states that the number of consumers using internet especially through their smart phones are increasing day by day. The study also states that they are having increasing expectations regarding the mobile experience their retailers provide them with.

Smart Phones for Smart Shopping:

Smart phones, though basically are for calling; have capacitive touch screen, additional multimedia and computing features that places it close to a laptop. These hi-tech features enable customers to use smart phones for their shopping purposes.

Consumers today are much aware of the price ranges and competition regarding a product. Smart customers are always fickle minded, and web savvy ones tend to share their brand experience; good or bad across to others as well. They share their opinion regarding a product or service across the web and mobile enabled social networks.