Botswana is a small landlocked country of Southern Africa. Textile and apparel sector of the country is a strategic industry. It is the largest employer in the manufacturing sector, employing more than 80% of women. Textile sector of the country generates low-skilled, youth oriented jobs providing livelihood for thousands of Botswana youth, especially women.

Textile and apparel industry of Botswana is the main beneficiary of the AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act). The sector has contributed immensely for the countrys foreign revenues. During 2000-2008, export earnings to the US rose in a drastic way. But currently, Botswana is witnessing a decline in its export figures. It is facing many challenges, and needs Government intervention. Foreign manufacturers are able to generate employment, while SMMEs face many hurdles.

Botswana apparel exporters have been quite successful in penetrating into the US and EU market. Apparels made reflect the dual existence of tradition, and modernization of the country. The industry has picked up from the earlier slack, whipping up positive changes and manufacture apparels for the younger section. Economy of the country is small, and private sector depends on Government spending. Opportunities for expansion in the export market do exist, but there are also a number of risks associated, that needs to be addressed.