Defense Forces requires very vast varieties of fabrics for various applications widely purchased by Air Force, Army, Navy, Coastal Guards, and Marines etc. However the fundamental requirement for all the fabrics required by Defense Forces includes personal protective equipments for military personnel's required during non-combat, combat and emergency operations, critical survival situations, military uniforms.

Camouflage Fabrics have been existed for more than 75 years and has become very popular since 1990 after the operations desert storm in Middle East by US Forces with NATO Alliances. Today most the armed forces including army, navy, air force and Para military forces are using camouflage fabrics.

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This presentation was presented at World Textile Conference: Vision: Textiles 2020: Emerging New Opportunities Worldwide and Challenging Business Strategies held on May 06th & 07th 2011 at Mumbai; organized by The Textile Association, India

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