The apparel industry is one of the most significant industries around the world, as an industry the apparel sector significantly contributes to the economy of a country. The apparel industry promotes trade relations between different economies beyond geographical boundaries and helps generate revenues that contribute to the gross domestic product of an economy.

The apparel industry from all across the world operates in diversified fields based on fashion trends, region, climate and availability of resources. The apparel industry has shown great development in the last few decades, as now it is considered one of the biggest contributors to a country's economy after agriculture.

The advent of technology has changed the global outlook towards apparel manufacturing and a great deal of importance is laid on advertising, designing and manufacturing of fashion accessories. Consumers these days are more informed and educated about fashion trends because of exposure to use of internet. A single click can take you to the fascinating world of fashion trends in different countries.

An apparel manufacturer involves in manufacturing of different segments such as clothing and fashion accessories for men, women and children and home furnishings and dcor. They are making every effort to make the most of the growing demand for fashion accessories, however, the consumers these days are aware of latest trends and demand products customized to meet their needs. Thus, these manufacturers are no longer restricted only to manufacturing clothes. Globalization has enhanced their skills and helped them move towards manufacturing of apparel add-ons too, such as, bags, clothes, footwear, jewelry and other decorative items.

The apparel industry is very dynamic in nature, as in this industry every season sets off with a new trend. There are latest designs and technologies being introduced everyday, which has changed the approach towards merchandising and production. It has become important for apparel manufacturers to adopt the latest technologies and styles of production to establish their credentials in the market.

In order to climb the ladders of success, it is extremely important for an apparel manufacturer to understand both, local and international, market trends. In case you are a small time apparel manufacturer looking for a break in the international market, you need to be well versed with the latest technologies and have the necessary resources to be able to meet the demands of an international buyer. An apparel manufacturer needs to be flexible enough to adapt to different trends in the market.

Successful completion on an international project does wonders for your overall reputation in the market. The apparel industry is being operated with word of mouth publicity and a job well done is your ticket to enhanced visibility in the market. An apparel manufacturer needs to keep the following points in mind to enhance customer base:


  • Conduct market research to understand current trends and consumer preference.
  • Specialize in any particular segment of apparel manufacturing to establish brand name.
  • Build good working relationships with vendors, showrooms and factories.
  • Participate in trade shows as they provide opportunities to upcoming designers and manufacturers. There have been instances where apparel manufacturers have managed to bag bulk orders during trade promotions.

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