Inthis article, the need of the hour of the handloom industry is analysed in theperspective of 'SWOT ANALYSIS', which is one of the problem solving techniquesfollowed in the Total Quality Management (TQM). The 3P-strategies like Productdiversification, Process modernisation and Personal skill upgradation areevolved from the analysis. Further, how these strategies are used to uplift thesocio- economic enlistment of the handloom weavers are enlightened.



For the economic survival or the success (Paisa / Money) of any industry, it isnecessary to critically analyse the "3P" or "3M", which areknown as PROCESS -METHOD, PERSON- MAN, and PRODUCT-MATERIAL.

Forany industry to survive with considerable profit-paisa, the products producedmust satisfy the need of the customers, for which the industry has to keep the machinesand the methods updated to produce the desired products and also have to developthe personnel skills of the persons to know about the machines and methods thoroughlyto produce the desired products. The products produced thus, will fetch demandin the market and in turn yield required 'Paisa' to the producer.

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R.G. Panneerselvam is Deputy Director at Weavers Service Centre,Kancheepuram, (TN) and Dr.L.Rathakrishnan is Professor, RIM at Gandhigram Rural Institute,Gandhigram(TN)