This paper presents information of the study carried out to find out and compare various technological parameters of different looms for such demand in market and results are expressed in terms of production, quality, throughput time, wages, Infrastructure, Cost.


Various Looms of Varanasi (Benaras/Kashi)


Pit Loom


Varanasi silk fabric specially Banarasi silk sarees are widely popular in the country as well as in outside world for its uniqueness in design and brilliant look. Varieties of popular designs are produced by the expert weavers of Varanasi such as Katan, Satin, Chiffon, Brocade etc., using handloom usually termed as pit loom. There are approximately 34000 numbers of pit loom available in Varanasi which are most specific in construction and mode of operation of the loom differs from handlooms available in other part of the country.


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About the authors


The authors are associated with Textile Tesing Laboratory, CSTRI, Central Silk Board, Varanasi.




Authors are thankful to Mr.H.S.Hubbali, Weaving Division, CSTRI, Bangalore for part of the work information on Handloom.