Fabric displays are largely considered as one of the trendiest display styles in the trade show circuit. The latest advances in fabrics and printing technology allow for a lot of creativity in design, resulting in stunning displays that will be envy of your competitors. Your marketing campaign at any trade fair will get off to a great start with these innovative displays. There are many reasons why a fabric display is unbeatable when it comes to conveying your company's marketing message. Here are some reasons why you should consider fabric exhibits for your next trade show.

Great graphics

Until recently the poor reproduction of graphics on fabrics meant that this medium was unable to rival other materials such as photo panels. The latest advances in technology have now changed the equation and fabric displays offer superior quality and a lightweight alternative. Graphics on fabrics now present a vivid, smooth but slightly translucent quality that is very appealing compared to other alternatives.

A singular look and feel

Fabric displays are a stylish, modern option that can be integrated into a trade show booth either as a small "accent" item such as a banner or as the prime piece such as a huge backdrop.

Versatile shapes possible

The fabrics themselves are very unique in that they can take on versatile shapes by being stretched, layered or even twisted. This means that you can even mould the fabrics around a frame of any size to obtain a three-dimensional shape of your choice.

Lightweight fabric

The latest fabrics used are extremely lightweight - in fact they weigh in at only 40% of a photo panel of comparable size. The finished quality fabric is seamless, so there are no ugly lines and joints marring the overall look. These fabrics are just ideal for displaying both large graphics on huge backdrops as well as smaller overhead banner signs.

Suitable for modular truss frames

The fabric panel is typically attached to the supporting frame with snap, Velcro or magnetic fasteners and can be used in tandem with the modular truss frames that are popularly used at trade fairs to set up displays. The fabric will conveniently collapse along with the stand and will stretch out when the frame is set up.

Portable and compact

The supporting modular frames are collapsible and generally made from extruded aluminum, making them very lightweight. Add to this the lightness of the fabric and the result is a very compact and portable alternative. The fabric display material can be packed either in nylon carry bags or cases with hard shells in case you have to ship the displays extensively for various trade shows around the country. Sometimes the unpacked cases can be used as a counter or table at your trade fair booth. Storage, unpacking and installation are all quick and simple tasks that don't require any tools.

Fabric displays offer the 'wow factor', making them excellent display solutions at trade shows. Their practicality adds to the equation - it is not a surprise then that fabric exhibits are being popularly used at trade shows.

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/