The blow room is primary stage of spinning for producing smooth passage of raw material, required for subsequent process. The effect of beater speed, grid bar setting and cotton trash percentage upon Uniclean (B 11) has studied for quality characteristics of cotton. For good fibre spinning requires efficient opening & cleaning of raw material. The beating point of uniclean machine is depending upon trash content in cotton. By keeping this view, to change various setting, Cleaning Intensity & Relative Amount of Waste of cleaning machine which affects fibre rupture, cleaning efficiency, good fibre loss percentage in waste and subsequent yarn quality. For PM (51% PIMA: 49% MCU-5) mixing the setting shows reduce good fibre loss is waste & increases performance of blow room with improves yarn quality at same mixing.


The cotton textile industry contributes a highly significant position in the economy of India. For todays rapidly advancing textile industry and quality conscious international market, the comprehensive information about the characteristics of lint cotton, which is the raw material of the industry, is a direct need for producing quality goods at competitive costs by way of reducing wastage and improving productivity level.

"Cotton" is raw material for the formation of yarn and fabric. In textile industry, variety of cotton have purchased from different zone. These cotton properties like Length, Strength, Fineness, Trash, Maturity etc. are different and depend on difference in cotton cultivation. As cotton supplied to mills in the forms of bales and process starts from blow room.

With the passage of time and with the advent of new technologies high-speed machines were designed having more opening and cleaning efficiency. In the past a typical blow room line for the cleaning of cotton consists of four to six and in some cases even seven beating points. The underlying idea was to open and clean the material slowly and gradually. But during the last decade, the trend has shifted to minimize the number of machines in the blow room line. Now in modern cleaning line only two to three beating points are available. This became possible only due to the introduction of machines with higher degree of opening capabilities. Most of the spinning mills in India are equipped with modern cleaning set-up in blow room.

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The authors are associated with NMIMS MPSTME, Centre for Textile Functions, Shirpur