The engineering professionals must always put their best efforts on the manufacturing floor with innovative experiments and making them successful by adding value to the process for long term sustainability of the organization. Here, few experiments and their results are discussed.

1) Common Tube Suction System: In Ring Spinning, the lapping on rollers - either on top or bottom roller - is one of the chronic issues, especially in PV fiber dyed Spinning at higher and higher spindle speeds. The huge amount of physical effort is required in removing lapping and joining broken threads. If it is too high, it affects workload of operators also. There are two options to reduce lapping frequency on the rollers in ring frames. Either use of higher capacity suction motor to increase the suction pressure or reduce number of openings on suction ducts. The Common Tube Suction System will help us to improve suction and reduce the breakages in LR6 ring frames. The suction is improved by 40% with common tubes compare to earlier tubes.

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The author is a Senior Manager & HOD Spinning PV, Raymond Lt, Textile Division Chhindwara (M.P)