At present there is good demand for reversible - weft backed furnishing varieties like yoga mats, floor carpets, pooja mats etc. having two colours, one colour / material on the face side another at the back. These reversible structures are normally woven in weft backed, weft tapestry, twill and satin weaves by employing at least 4 healds and 4 treadles with two shuttles carrying two different colours / materials in pick by pick weaving. As Multi treadle shedding combined with pick by pick weaving results in less production, the weavers are not coming forward to weave these varieties even though there is good demand and scope for producing different coloured / material products by this principle. Hence, under my principles and guidance, R & D section of Weavers' Service Centre, Bangalore took research to device a simplified method to weave the double coloured - pick by pick - reversible - backed furnishing fabric in Handlooms based on Double Weft Layer principle.


What is DDSP?


After many trail and error, as part of my research studies, it has been made possible to weave this structure like a plain cloth using only two healds and two treadles along with single picking by inventing combined shedding and picking mechanism named 'Double Decker Shedding & Picking', at Weavers' Service Centre, Bangalore.


In the new method of 'Double Decker Shedding' principle, only two healds and two treadles are employed with special warping, drafting and denting system. By pressing a treadle, two sheds are formed simultaneously one above the other with three layers of warp sheet in the given height of the reed. This enables to weave two picks together. By pressing another treadle opposite shed is formed to weave next two picks together.


In the new method of 'Double Decker Picking' principle, a special slay is employed having two shuttle boxes one above the other on either sides. Two shuttles in two different colours/ material are placed one above the other in two shuttle boxes. By single picking both the shuttles are propelled simultaneously one above the other in the two sheds formed one above the other by Double Decker shedding principle and two different colour/ material picks are get inserted simultaneously.


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The author is Deputy Director at Weavers' Service Centre, Kancheepuram


Originally published in Textile Review, December 2011