Onlinebrand management builds and maintains a credible image of a business on theinternet. With the rise of online brand marketing, social media monitoringbecomes helpful in building a good trademark name. When a brand loses itscredibility due to online posts, potential clients and sales are also lost.Thus, online brand administration looks after strategies to assist the productin gaining and maintaining credibility. Specific activities being performed bytrademark management firms include online marketing and media monitoring. Inonline marketing, brand management firms launch awareness campaigns andpromotional activities using the internet. On the other hand, media monitoringchecks the internet for damaging remarks and activities that abuse the business.

Onlinebrand administration is likened to young people who are very particular withtheir image on the internet. According to Pew Research Center, "reputationcontrol has become a priority for many internet users, especially theyoung." In the study, it says that people "limit the amount ofpersonal information about them," "delete unwanted comments othershave made on their profile," "change privacy settings to limit whatis shared," and "remove their name from photos that were tagged toidentify them." These activities are similar to that of online brandmanagement firms. Brand management firms do social tracking and online brandmarketing to establish a desired credible image. The firms develop proceduresand policies in media monitoring and marketing.

Advantagesof having efficient online brand administration involve minimizing branderosion. For customers, employees and competitors, it is easy to publishnegative experiences and remarks about a business using their accounts on theinternet. With media monitoring and social media tracking, these are search andare deleted. Cybersquatting is also blocked with media monitoring.Cybersquatting refers to registering, tracking in and using a domain name withmalicious intention to destroy the business. Unauthorized domain owners areblocked not create alterations on the content of the website.

Aform of cybersquatting is typosquatting. Typosquatting refers to utilizingvarious typographical errors within the name of a trademark. It is creatinganother name which is very close to the trademark to deceive other people.Moreover, in direct selling, agents can create individual websites to sellproducts with modified promotional offers. With this, prices and informationare not consistent as every agent competes with one another for customers. Thiscreates confusion among customers. Media tracking looks after related websitesfor accuracy and consistency of data.

Anotheradvantage is timely updating of status of the business. This is applicable whenjudgment or decisions from authorities change. Using media tracking and socialmedia monitoring, all posts that contain the old decision or judgment aredeleted. Online brand marketing also makes the new decision popular so that theold decision will not mislead the public. One of the biggest activities ofonline brand management is hunting down copyright violators. Articles, videos,pictures and other properties found on a business website are protected fromthefts who are either attempting to rob or have already robbed the materials.Through media monitoring, these materials are identified and further actionsare done.


There are online product management firms that assist businesses to have the above given benefits of online trademark control. Brand management firms make sure that the internet protects the business from illegal activities. Brand management firms add corporate revenues. Proper online brand management builds consumer trust, safety and satisfaction.


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