Packing,Marking & Labeling is not unknown in Apparel Industry. It is the mosthassling thing and is an essential part, is also one of the major factor in theapparel industry. It is the most hassling thing and is an essential part and isalso one of the major factor in the apparel industry. The paper presentation ison different methods of packing of shirts used in apparel industries. Thispaper is mainly done to know different ways of shirt pack? How to prepare shirtto pack? Which method is commonly considered or used by the apparel industry?What are the advantages and disadvantages of each packing? Which is mostimpressive method of packing?

TheApparel product under regulation by category includes-shirts, trousers, skirts,dress/tops, T-shirts. Etc. Packaging means packing of the product in somecontainer to reach the ultimate consumer and the means of protective coveringused for the transportation and shipment of goods. It fulfills a vital role inhelping to get the export products to the market in the best condition as wellas in presenting goods to the buyers in an attractive way. This paperpresentation is mainly on the various ways of shirt pack used in apparelindustry. There are 6 different ways of packing methods used for shirt. Theyare:

i)      Stand up pack-with packing materials

ii)    Flat pack

a)     Flat pack with collar without anypacking materials

b)     Flat pack without collar and alsowithout any packing materials

iii)  Umbrella pack

iv)  Cinnabun pack

v)    Deadman fold pack

vi)  Roll pack

Studyingthe various ways of packing of shirt which are commonly in use in the apparelindustries. Material used are shirts to show packing methods and packingmaterials like polybag, collar packing accessories, clips, tissue paper.

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The author is Lecturerat Army Institute of Fashion & Design, Bangalore