There are many techniques for working on fabric that appeal to all levels of painting skills & interest. To make fabric attractive, its ornamenting is done through printing. Colour is used in both dyeing & printing, but the only difference is that liquid colour is used in dyeing, whereas in printing thick colours or paste form colours are used. In India, printing on fabric is being done since last thousands of years. The process of making coloured designs on fabric is called "Printing". Printing on fabrics is the most important part of fabric-creation. Printing work is done according to the changes and competition of the market and fashion, such type of designs or patterns are selected whose market demand is most. With increasing market demands, roller printing has got a great importance in fabric printing. In textile industry, with the help of roller printing, more attractive printing can be done with fewer expenses. It can also be used as Cottage Industry or Small-scale Industry.

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