Retail has its own unique way to captivate shoppers who seek the thrill of buying in limited time offers. Flash sales are the recent epitome in e-retail sector.

Customers are of diverse nature. Generally they can be classified in three categories; those who take time to do elaborate research and buy without the pressure of the ticking clock, the second group of people who enjoy the thrill of shopping on short time offers, and the third group consisting of the alpha shoppers who enjoy shopping both the ways. Flash sales are for the second and third category of customers.

Flash sales are the recent epitome in e-retailing. It offers merchandise on discounts as a limited time offer, through websites. Member of these websites receive intimation regarding the offer through email, postal mail, and social networks. This is done in addition to conventional selling methods. Offers made through flash sales on websites provide abrupt offers, at subsidized prices, which last only for a brief period of time. These deals offer very attractive discounts which goes up to even 50% off retail prices. Flash selling grew after the 2008 recession, and gained immense popularity during 2011. Its reputation grew strong after being highlighted by search engines such as Google. Other social networking sites have accelerated the growth of these deals. Popularity of flash sale websites has grown exponentially since then.