The project deals with the aspects that affect the production as well as quality in the finishing department. For reducing the losses incurred during production, process flow is reengineered and the numbers of processes are reduced and thus reducing the time required for finishing the garment.

The process uses checking the garment after pressing and if there are certain incorrect measurements then garment is again taken for repressing, to avoid this checking, measurement is done before pressing and the garment with wrong measurement is specially taken to pressing for correction. Thus, unnecessary wastage of time is prevented.

Also, the pressing tables were divided with respect to the number of styles. This gave streamlined flow of material giving a significant reduction in quality losses.

The project revolves around the finishing department, covering a bit of the other departments that are directly dealing with the finishing department.

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Authors of the article are associated with Centre for textile functions (CTF), NMIMS University, shirpur, Maharashtra.