Drop earrings are easily the most versatile piece of jewelry you will ever own. The range of colors and styles make it both easy and hard to find the right pair. Easy, because the variety means you'll find the right pair for any outfit. Hard, because there are thousands of earrings to choose from. Drop earrings come in a few main styles: Chandelier, Teardrop, Charms, Geometric, and Gemstone. While the styles may intermingle, there are some characteristics that fit only within one category.

Chandelier Earrings

There are two main draws to this type of drop earring: light catching and versatility. Chandelier drop earrings catch light as they sway in order to draw attention to your face. The versatility comes in when you take a look at all the different styles. Gorgeous golden chandelier earrings set with diamonds are perfect for formal events. Pair a cascade of silver hoops with jeans and you're set for a day of shopping. Chandelier earrings come in such a wide range of colors and styles, there's a pair out there to fit any outfit and any occasion.

Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop drop earrings are incredibly beautiful and versatile. Some are made to drop just below your ear, while others hang lower on a chain. They come large or small and are perfect for just about any occasion. Teardrop earrings are perfect for just a dash of elegance. Gemstones and pearls are a perfect fit here. Teardrop earrings also don't have to be sophisticated. Go for something a bit bigger, more brightly colored, and a bit more fun. Remember, they don't necessarily have to be teardrop shaped to be teardrop earrings.

Charm Earrings

Easily the most customizable drop earring out there. Charm earrings typically involve a hoop earring with a small charm or set gem hanging from them. They match anything, and it's easy to switch a more conventional charm for something that fits your personality better. Small charms are available, cheaply at any craft store, so you really just need one pair of hoops. Keep a selection of charms to mix and match with whatever mood or outfit you're in. Charm earrings also come in hooked styles if you're not into hoops. Charms matching any holiday, interest, or color scheme are out there, all you have to do is look.

Geometric Earrings

Geometric drop earrings are for anyone wanting to go with a unique and edgy style. They come in a variety of unusual shapes, shape chains,

and gem clusters. They look gorgeous with just about anything and are sure to catch anyone's eye.

Gemstone Earrings

This category fits and can be found in any of the previous styles. Cascading gems sparkle in a chandelier earring. Teardrop earrings traditionally come in teardrop gems. There are gemstone charms to dangle from your charm earrings. There are even a few geometric designs encrusted with gems. Birthstone drop earrings are easily the most common or the gemstone family. Gemstone earrings are easily the most elegant and luxurious type of drop earring.

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