Itis not hard to spot a pair of denim in India. You may come across denim jeansor jacket pretty easily in the country! Urban areas accepted it as a part oftheir daily life pretty long time back. Rural areas are slowly but steadilyaccepting this trend. It is popular with the female population and kids, andnot just men!

Denimwas invented some centuries back in France. It was originally designed forItalian sailors from the French city of Nimes. As the material was strong andsturdy, it also began to be used by miners and others who were required tosurvive rough conditions.

Itentered the normal, day to day living in urban areas of western countriesgradually. India remained connected to Denim in some way or the other, allthroughout! But actual denim entered the Indian market only during the earlyeighties.

Denimwas first introduced by Arvind Mills in India (1986). The company exported thisindigo dyed material to many jeans manufacturers all over the world from veryearly times. Its success in other countries inspired Arvind Mills to deal inthis product inside the country, as well.

Theperiod from 1990 to 2000 was the growing period for denim in India. It attainedimmense popularity during this time in the country. It was getting quicklypopular in the urban areas of India amongst the wealthy masses.

Otherthan Arvind Denim, Mafatlal Denim, and KG Denim (Indian brands), manyinternational brands also made its way into the country during this period.Flying Machine, Levi Strauss, Lee, Wrangler, Pepe Jeans London, and others gavea tough competition to Indian brands.

Denimplayed various roles in India, and was not a mere clothing material. It wasworn by both men and women; it was a considered to be a symbol of genderequality. It has played a small but notable role in the eradication of sexistdiscrimination.

Apeculiar feature about the growth of denim in India is that it became popularfrom the high stratum of society and reached to the bottom stratum. This isdifferent as compared to the pattern of growth of denim in the westerncountries.


Today, it is easy to spot various types of denim in India. It can be availed in various fits and finishes. Denim of various sizes can be easily purchased from a retail store. Unlike the usual indigo, it can also be obtained in dark blue, black, green, red, and even pink shades in India!

India manufactures almost 500 million meters of denim every year. It sells a limited portion of the product inside the country. The rest is exported. It brings a considerable amount of revenue to the country.

The current scenario for denim in India is different as compared to what it was almost three decades back. It got popular in a short span of time. This is not only true for the men folk, but for women and children, as well. Its demand and production is expected to increase in the near future.




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Published: Mar 2012