Kid's wear is getting its importance and scope in today's market. Dynamics of children's wear are changing with manufactures & retailers burgeoning private brands. Considerable amount of studies of have been done on kids wear market. Recent studies shows that markets for childrens wear were increased from time to time.

This report focuses on the Coimbatore, Tirupur and Erode Kids wear market, its structure, size, growth rate & market trends. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics, and growth drivers of the childrens apparel segment .It further discusses about the competitors critical success factors. It also gives a rejection of the future of this segment. The report is useful for manufactures and retailers in the apparel industry.


The competitors for kid's wear market have been increased for the past decades. This article aims to analyse the market for kids' apparel that is taking place in the stores throughout the year. Children's apparel includes clothing for kids between 1 and 14 years of age. In India kids apparel is one of the fastest growing markets which constitute 10% per annum. It was found that people prefer buying functional kids' apparel rather than branded ones.

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