Psychology is a science of the human mind and behaviour. Wikipedia describes psychology as the study of the soul. Visual Merchandising (VM) is a clever way to exhibit products with the intent to touch the potential customers senses, striking the right chords in him and arising in him an emotion to possess the product on display, thus subtly persuading him to make an impulsive purchase.

VM includes store layout and dcor, merchandise presentation, and displays.

It incorporates the products, environment, and space into a stimulating and engaging ambience to encourage the sale of a product or service. A good presentation can and should stop you, get your attention, and may be even make you smile.

In very broad sense, visual presentation not only helps to sell the merchandise itself but the store image as well. It provides a window into a Brands soul! The Goal of VM is to ensure the Brand becomes the chosen one! Thereby increasing sales and building brand loyalty. Visual merchandising or commonly known as the quiet salesman requires a keen eye, meticulous taste, and a creative mind.

Todays shoppers, shop for leisure and regardless of their shopping motives are more attracted by safe, attractive and comfortable shopping environments.


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