Famous French Fashion designer Coco Chanel, who ruled over Parisian haute couture for almost six decades said, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." Fashion is made of trends that spring and disappear along time. Fashion is all about appearance, and fashion designers always look for inspiration to kindle their creativity. Nature is a perfect way to recharge one's soul. Attractive colors, shapes, textures, and patterns are all around in nature. Taking inspiration from nature gives a fresh perspective on design. Fashion is an artwork in itself. Observing nature enables a designer to incorporate new elements into their designs.

Nature inspired fashion trends:

There is an abundance of culture to be discovered from nature. The awe factor in nature is sure to inspire the creativity of designing; encompassing personality, color and variety. Jattinn Kochhar, the New Delhi based Fashion Designer, while sharing his views with Fibre2Fashion says, he draws his design inspiration from nature, and even people. He states, "My creativity to blend traditional heritage with urban influence draws its inspiration from nature. I put a lot of emphasis on wearable, practical clothing. They are very plain, simple and wearable. Also, I meet a number of different people every day. Each one has inherited a sense of style which even they may not be aware of. With very different people, I get different ideas. Thats my inspiration. "

Nature is a perfect way to recharge one's soul and ease the mind. This gives a fresh perspective on design. The most important part of getting natures inspiration is not just to view it, but to pay more attention and incorporate the elements into the design aspect. The textures, colors of leaves, grass and water can be creatively used in fashion designing.


Jattinn cheers that he just loves the whole idea of getting involved with nature. He says, "Connecting with nature is great source of inspiration for me". The designer believes that it is very important to be a part of nature. He quotes, "Honestly speaking, I am born and brought up in an urban environment. Furthermore my current lifestyle also does not have any interaction with nature, and is full of noise and pollution. I spend more time to just observe nature, which I do mostly in summer. I believe that both heart and soul will be nourished. And for this, one has to connect with nature."

Creativity supported by natures inspiration:

Materials made with an inspiration drawn from nature makes alluring designs. Jattinn's designs are an amalgamation of ethnic and chic. He says, "90% of my designs are made out of white fabrics. We can add lot of texture." He motivates designers to break the norms and try new patterns apart from the standard ones. "Now for example, I am working with evening wear made out of piqu fabrics that are meant for mens t-shirts collared t-shirts for golf. The wearer should give life to the dress. "

Creativity supported by nature's inspiration helps a fashion designer to excel. Jattinn quotes his own experience saying, "Possibilities, and ideas are absolutely endless. Be it a color, pattern, texture; anything. If I am locked in a closed circuit, I will run out of ideas. Just by looking at a picture, I get a million ideas."

Colors inspired from nature:

Specific styles, designs, and patterns resonate the personal style of the designer. Citrus can be a great source of inspiration for designers smitten with colors. Bold green, yellow, makes a captivating citrus print top. Even a chopped of wood at the sidewalk can give an inspiration for a camel suede coat.

The designer, who is praised as Indias pride for fashion shares his secret and interesting aspiration. "The entire fashion industry makes a lot of noise about color. With all my experience I accept that colors have always been achieving. I am not a big color person, for the coming season I just want to do only colors. Solid colors, bright yellow, beautiful red, green and blue. Every color does signify something. Wear colors of nature and you will never go out of fashion."






Fashion designers need to get inspiration from the world outside to survive in the fast-changing fashion world. Jattinn says a lot of talented people are not successful, who are not communicative. Especially for designers who are looking for something unique needs to communicate with nature, and the world around him. "Life is a reflection of whatever we say, whatever we look at.



Designers need creativity which will make a difference in their design ideology, and perceptions. Design is obviously an experience. Whatever you are experiencing, you are going to get."

For centuries, nature had been a great source of inspiration for artists. In contemporary times, it is not just enough to celebrate nature. Creativity of the fashion designers, with appropriate patterns and color choices brings clothes with timeless elegance, and customers to marvel at the beauty of nature. The inspiration that nature provides to fashion industry is a solid proof that Mother Nature is indeed fashion industrys greatest muse.


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