In this study an attempt has been made to approach of developing multifunctional herbal finishes using medicinal herbs. The three herbal extracts of Ricinus communis, Senna auriculata and Euphorbia herita were applied on four types of Denim fabrics directly by using pad dry cure method, following standard conditions and combinations. To enhance the durability of the finished fabric, wash durability test has been carried out and geometrical properties of the results shows better in Denim D fabric when compared to other three fabrics.


In the present day world, Hygiene is Headline news and consumers are very conscious of textiles that are hygienic. Healthcare is a serious business which is not only influenced by practicing medical professionals. Good hygiene is an aid to health, comfort and social interactions [1].Denim is a twill weave with blue warp threads and white filling threads. Denim is designed by the weight of a yard of fabric. 14 ounce denim is heavy duty, while 10 ounce denim is for summer wear [2].

Textiles will have desirable aesthetic qualities if they can suppress odor causing bacteria and other type of odor causing microorganisms. The hygienic and medical effectiveness of textiles is required to prevent the growth of dermatophytic fungi (those that cause skin diseases), pathogenic and potentially lethal microorganisms on fibers and to prevent their infestation by insects [3].

In this study an attempt has been made to improve the usage of herbal finishes in denim fabric. To screen for the Multifunctional properties such as Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti odor and Mosquito Repellency, to optimize the effective herbal combination of the functional property of the selected finishes, to Finish the optimized herbal combination on the selected four different denim fabrics, to enhance the durability of the finished fabric by wash durability test and to evaluate the Geometrical properties of the finished fabrics.

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