Carpet is a textile floor covering that is distinguished from the more general term "rug" by being fixed to the floor surface and extending to every wall. In olden days peoples covered the floors of their dwellings with non-textile articles. But after the revolution in textiles, people start using cotton and wool for this.

Cut Loop Pile Carpets have the features of both, the cut pile carpet and the loop pile carpet. They are manufactured with the combination of looped yarn and cut yarn. Some of the loops are tufted higher than the others. While shearing the carpets, the higher loops are cut whereas the lower loops remain untouched. The cut pile thus formed looks darker than the loops, creating interesting patterns giving a rich visual experience by reflecting light in varied manners. Sculptured effects can be produced by giving a variety of pile heights to it.

The major raw material is used for manufacturing rugs are yarn, Backing fabric, piping fabric, latex chemicals ,all raw material receive are firstly inspected by TQM and will be issues to production after approval. Drylon and nylon are purchase from outside party in single ply form. There after they undergo cabling and heat setting activity in the plant. Where it is pass through heater for giving stability to the yarn and give better crimpy look to the yarn.

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