The present study focuses on the benefits of spun dyed viscose over stock dyed i.e. piece dyed viscose and cotton materials in terms of savings in chemicals, utilities and most important is quite reduction in the effluent load. Results revealed overall benefits like water savings of 60-70 litr/kg and the same quantity of reduction in the effluent load, power savings of 35-40 KW and time saving of around 2.5-3 hrs/ Batch. A subsequent benefits of like wash fastness, rub fastness and light fastness. This study also gives the ideas about the cost saving of spun dyed viscose over piece dyed viscose and cotton.

Textile industry can be classified into four categories viz., cotton, Regenerated Cellulose, woolen, and synthetic fibers depending upon the raw materials used. The cotton textile industry is one of the oldest industries in the country with over 1000 industries (or mills) mainly centered in Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Tirupur and Kanpur. The water consumption and Wastewater generation from a textile industry depends upon the processing operations employed during the conversion of fiber to textile fabric.

In this paper, a study has been done for the benefits comparison of spundyed viscose over stock dyed viscose and cotton. Spundyed reduces the processing cost of around 80% over stock dyed. It also lower downs the water consumption of around 70% over to stock dyed which ultimately leads to the savings of effluent in terms of load and cost.

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Originally published in the Textile Review, February, 2012.