Fabric inspection systems

Inspection: Inspection in reference to the apparel industry can be defined as the visual examination or review of raw materials partially finished components of the garments. It also examines completely finished garments by measuring the garments to check if they meet the required measurements, in relation to some requirements, standards or specifications.

The main objective of inspection is the detection of the defects and nonconformance's as early as possible in the manufacturing process so that time and money are not wasted later on in either correcting the defect or writing off defective garments.

Grading systems for fabric inspection

The quality of a final garment depends on the quality of a fabric when it is received as a roll. Defective materials cannot be compensated by even the most outstanding manufacturing methods. They inspect 20% of the rolls that they receive and evaluate them based on different systems. In this way, fabric related quality problems can be avoided before it is put into production.

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