Shorts,shirts, skirts, tops, gowns, jeans, or traditional outfits that are regionspecific, one has a lot of options available on hand in terms of clothing andapparel. As per individual preferences and societal rules, people can choose towear anything that they like. The market is filled with diversities inclothing.

Onegenerally looks for certain traits when it comes to choosing an appropriateclothe. If these traits are found, they choose to wear the selected apparel.The said traits include good quality, cost efficiency, and the glamour to makea good impression before a mass of people. If any piece of clothing has thesequalities in it, it is likely to be purchased.

Themarket is filled with two categories of clothing: machine made clothes and hand-madeclothes. One can opt for any type of clothing. Both are comfortable andbeneficial to the wearer in their own ways. The basic difference between thetwo is that hand-made clothes are made entirely by human beings while the otheris made with the help of machines.

Longtime back, before the invention of textile machines, only hand-made clothesexisted! Later on, machine made clothes ruled the entire clothing market. But hand-madeclothes never went out of demand. It still exists with a huge fan following allover the world. People prefer to buy them over the former because of thestrength, durability, and uniqueness it encompasses.

Machinemade clothes, however, undoubtedly rule the apparel market. Major apparelmanufacturers and retailers of the world deal in machine made clothes. They areinexpensive as compared to the later. They can be availed in all sizes andpatterns. But they do not encompass any aesthetic value like the later.

Itis true that people think twice before purchasing hand-made clothes incomparison to machine made clothes. This is because they cost way more than thelater. Preparing them is extremely laborious and time consuming. Makers takecare of the minutest of details. Therefore, they normally cost more. On theother hand, the later can be easily prepared with the help of machines.

Machinemade clothes are produced in bulk. They give the same treatment to a largequantity of apparel. It is likely that they miss out on a fair treatment tosome out of the lot, but it is unlikely that they give better treatment to someout of the lot. They last only a few months or a few years. On the other hand,the former is known for its uniqueness and for its special treatment.

In terms of appearance, aconclusion cannot be derived at. Individual preferences count. There arecertain people in the world who only wear handicrafts of a certain area. Whilethere are some who only stick to certain machine made brands. Any type may lookgood if the individual is comfortable wearing it.

Generally, rural population around the world prefers to stick to handmade clothes. This is because they make their own clothes. The same clothes when traded outside sell for considerably high cost. Making clothes is a part of the handicraft industry in majority of the rural areas of the world.

The life in the city is fast and hectic. Urban population is occupied with a lot of work and may hardly find time to make clothes for themselves. Buying hand-made clothes may prove expensive to them. Machine made clothes are available in a variety of patterns, sizes, and colors. Urban population resorts to the use of machine made clothes, majority of times.

Overall statistics reveal that the demand for hand-made clothing is increasing. London's Savile Row sells almost 10,000 hand-made garments daily. This is because of its custom made characteristic and its quality. Surveys show that hand-made apparels have a lot of prestige associated with it in modern times.

No doubt, each of the types has its own shortcomings that make it suitable only for a certain number of people. Hand-made clothing may not be desired by people who are not willing to spend a lot of money on clothing. One can only consider wearing it if one has enough time on hand so as to make it, or making it is a profession for the wearer.

Machine made clothes may cause fitting problems, as unlike hand-made clothes they are made to fit thousands of people. One may not get the garment that one had in mind. Majority of the times, people have to be content with what is in front of them and not get to decide what they wear.

One of the biggest advantages of hand-made clothes is that they are environment friendly. Since they are not made with the help of machines, there are hardly any chances of water, energy, land, and other natural resources getting wasted. No toxic chemicals are released into land, air, or water. It is completely eco friendly.


Be it hand-made or machine made, clothes have to be such that serves individual purposes. If one is interested in getting a never-seen-before type of outfit, it is advisable to choose hand-made clothes. But if one is also worried about other things like price and is willing to forego uniqueness for a decent, elegant, and classy look; one may opt for machine made clothes.



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