Weaving and knitting are one of the major functions involved in the process of fabric production. Fabric faults are the defects or faults that occur during either these two functions. These defects vary from minor to major. The minor defects may be barely visible whereas the major are clearly noticeable. However, some fabric defects can be corrected whereas some are permanent. Hence, awareness of fabric faults is important and great care should be taken during weaving or knitting. If a fabric has many faults then companies tend to reject the material resulting in a loss for the production companies. To avoid this rejection, the production of good quality fabrics becomes a necessity. There is a great demand of high quality products as customers have started to become aware of Non-quality problems. In this paper, the various fabric faults occurring during weaving and knitting are mentioned.

Woven Fabric Faults include cut yarn, double yarn, hole, float, stain, etc. They are caused due to several reasons which are discussed in this article. Apart from woven fabric faults, knitted fabric faults are also discussed. They include Barrie Effect, Needle lines, bowing, cotton Contamination, etc.

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