In any industry there exist different kinds of organizations like 100% Integrated Yarn-Garment, 100% Manufacturing, Job- Contracting, Merchant Exporter and Buying Agencies. A Buying agency is one which does not manufacture the products, but it out sources the vendors for the purpose of manufacturing. Table 1.1 shows the different kinds of organizations.

Supply Chain in Textiles Indian textile and clothing industry has one of the most complex, fragmented and long supply chain in the world right from raw material procurement to shipping port handling facilities. The following figure shows different types of supply chains involved in textile industry. Cotton is the raw material and forms as yarn by yarning process which includes the processes like ginning and spinning. The yarn is made into fabric by using weaving/knitting technique.

The dyeing can takes place in the form of yarn or fabric. If the yarn is dyed and then fabric is produced then it is called as yarn dyed fabric. If the dyeing takes place in the fabric form then it is called as fabric dyed. Then it goes to different manufacturing units depending on the quantity ordered by the manufacturer. The fabric is made into garment as per the customer specification. This (Garment) is the finished product which reaches the end consumer.

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