Bearings are among the most important components in the vast majority of machines and exacting demands are made upon their carrying capacity and reliability. Therefore it is quite natural that rolling bearings should have come to play such a prominent part in textile machinery. In this paper it is studied that why the bearings failures are occurring and the reasons and remedies for the failures. Once the reason for the failure is found out it is easy to find out the remedial steps for the same. When the cause of failure is detected the prediction of the bearing life is also very easy.

If the rings of a deep groove ball bearing are fitted out of alignment with each other, the path of the balls has an oval configuration. If the cage is centered on the balls, it has to change shape for every revolution it performs. Fatigue cracks then form in the material and sooner or later they lead to fractures. There is a similar case when a thrust ball bearing is fitted together with radial plain bearings. If clearance arises in the plain bearings, the washers of the thrust bearing become displaced in relation to each other. Then the balls do not follow their normal path and heavy stresses may arise in the cage.

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About the Authors:

R.N. Narkhedkar and P.S. Joshi are associated with the D.K.T.E.s Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji

Originally published in the Textile Review, May, 2012