Looking good is no longer an advantage. It has become a necessity. In order to succeed in any field, you need to have an appealing personality. This is irrespective of gender. Men and women both need to look good in order to get their way through easily. If you are fashionable and stylish, things are going to get easy for you to some extent.

It is a widely accepted fact that you are more confident when you know you are looking good. If you have a good sense for fashion and clothing, you will always be a step ahead of your peers. You will be comfortable in the midst of any crowd. You will be able to present yourself better and people will be willing to listen to you and accept you.

Colors have a huge role to play in fashion sense. In fact, the colors you wear decide how fashionable you are! You need not be dressed bright and glittery all the time to be labeled fashionable. But you ought to avoid boring colors and the 'Plain Jane' look. Colorful clothes and accessories make you look fashionable and glamorous.

Fashion sense is subjective. Your sense for fashion says a lot of things about your personality. So does color! The colors you wear describe your choices. This in turn describes you as a person. People associate certain traits with certain colors and when you wear any color, its corresponding trait gets associated with you.

Fashion experts lay a lot of emphasis on seasonal colors. Certain colors are best when worn during a certain season. Bold colors are best when worn during monsoons, dark colors are best when worn during winters, and pastel colors are best when worn during summers. Choosing colors in this order portrays your preference for comfort in fashion.

If you dress typically in a typical situation, you are a disciplined fashion lover! Dull colors like white, black, brown, navy blue, and others are suitable in an office. Bright colors like yellow, red, pink, green, and others are appropriate for a casual wear. Dressing in golden, silver, wine red, and other such glittering colors in parties show that you like to follow a protocol in fashion.

Many people may love to wear colors that are not easy to find in stores instead of the usual red, blue, green, yellow, white, or black. Wearing colors like olive, burgundy, peach, peacock blue, silver, beige, and others define their unique taste. They are leaders of fashion and not mere followers of fashion. They set trends.

Then, there are favorites in terms of colors. People prefer to wear their favorite colors often! Each color symbolizes a certain quality. For example, red symbolizes passion, pink symbolizes romance, white symbolizes innocence and purity, black symbolizes power, and so on. Favorite colors help in deciding the kind the individual is by nature!

Wearing a certain color also has a psychological edge to it. You send a message across for the onlookers, knowingly or unknowingly, by wearing a certain color. You choose a color on the basis of the emotion, mood, or feeling that you are experiencing at that moment. Colors have the power to alter moods.

Fashion largely encompasses colorful clothes. But wearing colorful clothes is not 'the one and the all' in the world of fashion. It also means wearing colorful accessories. Again accessories need to mix and match with the color of the clothes to make the desired impact. Besides, you also need to take care that they are not over the limit in quantity.

The ability to mix and match colorful clothes is an important attribute of having good fashion sense. If you wear a yellow colored top and a red colored trouser, you are bound to be considered as having a horrible fashion sense! You can wear a brown or blue trouser below a yellow top. This combination will create the needed impact.

If you choose the right colors, you are sure to be considered fashion conscious. But that does not mean that you stick to only limited colors that are universally accepted to be good or that suit your skin tone. You should experiment with different colors. This will help you wear colors that do not otherwise suit your complexion in ways that it does!

Demand for certain colored clothes change with time. Colors are just like fashion. Trends in colors keep changing with time and region as the trends in fashion. In certain countries, white is supposed to be worn in auspicious occasions like marriage. In certain other countries, white is the color for mourning.

There is no denial to the statement that the colors you wear are proportional to your fashion sense. They convey a message across about how fashionable you are and about your personality. Colors and fashion go hand in hand! If you pick the right color to wear in a particular occasion, you are a fashionable human being.


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