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Dont you love when people ask you if youve lost weight? It is always a good feeling whether you are actively trying to lose weight or if you have happened to lose a few pounds without realizing it. Besides the swimsuit season, women might want clothes to camouflage weight that they still have on them after they have had a child. Of course, everyone wants to slim down for the summer to look great in swimsuits. Until that happens, though, you can wear some dresses that make you look like youve lost weight. Then when the weight actually does start to come off, you will look extra slim. Some styles you want to stick to when you are dressing to look slimmer are empire waist dresses and wrap dresses.

Dress shopping seems to be difficult sometimes. If you pick the wrong dress for your body type, you might end up looking like youve gained weight instead of lost it. A wrap dress is one way to look like you have lost weight and it can really be one of the most beautiful outfits you own. A wrap dress is very versatile because on the days when you are a little thinner you can wrap it around you tightly. On the other days, like during certain times of the month, you can wear it more loosely. The reason a wrap dress works to make a woman appear to be slimmer is because of the layers used around the middle part of the body. Despite how it seems, the wrap used on a wrap dress can actually help to make your waist look smaller.

An empire waist dress is yet another way to appear slimmer. This style of dress is high waisted and can draw attention away from a woman's imperfections and help to focus attention more on other parts of the body. Empire waist dresses play up to a woman's assets because it helps to create a narrow looking waist while showing off a woman's chest. This is good for women who are small chested because it can help the area appear to be more proportional.

Accessories can also play a role in making a woman look slimmer. Dresses that have belts can do wonders for a waist. Even if you get a dress that does not have a belt, you can buy a belt and add it to your dress yourself for the appearance of a smaller waist. If the dress is plain and simple you can get away with wearing a bulky or large belt. If belts are not really something you like to use, you can use scarves in place of a belt. Simply tie the scarf around the waist for a cinching effect.

You might already have these items in your wardrobe but if you don't, you should definitely start off with getting a wrap dress. This is a very versatile item of clothing that can work miracles on the days when you are feeling a little bloated or if you have gained a couple of pounds. A belt is also a good addition because you can use it on many different dresses. The items mentioned above can help you look slimmer until you actually start dropping the weight.

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