Main objective of this study is to create anew range of one- piece dresses using draping method by varying the drapes,styles and design details with two fabrics only i.e. satin and textured velvet.Their stiffness and drape characteristics were tested. According to thepreferences of respondents eight designs of one- piece dresses were convertedinto prototypes. Their evaluation was done by the fifty respondents on thebasis of three point rating scale and all of them were largely accepted byrespondents on the basis of design, cost and overall aesthetic appeal. It wasfound that the result was fulfilling the objectives of the study.


Textiles have always a central role in theevolution of human culture by being at the forefront of both technological andartistic development. The technical textiles were known for their performanceand functionality while traditional textiles for their aesthetics.

Clothing is one of the necessities of humanbeing, in past times the clothing was used only to cover the body and secure itfrom the environmental condition, but today the clothing is used for thefashion as well as decoration.

In today's world of modernization andindustrialization the fashion, it change the rapidly, so need of innovation andnew styles and designs in clothing are in vogue. Fashion is a platform thatreflects individual and worldwide socio, economical tastes.

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